Shenzhenshi Kaixin Guangdian CO., LTD with headquarter based in Shenzhen and factory area up to 35000 m2 located in Huizhou. As a company capable to control the whole procedure for LED lighting products, we are equipped with world-class anti-dust working-shop, SMT lines, hardware lines, injection+extrusion+blow-moulding lines, assembling lines, aging testing lines and driver production lines. Monthly capacity up to 100,000,000 LED lights.

Shenzhenshi Kaixin Guangdian CO., LTD has good control of quality since raw materials purchasing and mass production under CNAS standard LAB management, equipped with the most advanced testing equipment for optical, electrical, thermal and reliability systematic test, like integrating sphere test, light distribution curve test system, and high-pot, lighting surge, EMI, strobe, THD test, and temperature rise, accelerated aging test system,temperature and humidity chamber test system etc. Quality is visible in every details of Hensel quality control manafacturing management.

Till now, Hensel had developed more than 100 types of LED products including LED downlights, LED panels, LED battens and LED smart light etc. 

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1-4.jpg            2.jpg            3.jpg            04 環氧膠烤箱.jpg            
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